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Buying a Home?

  • Lintil helps you save over €2,000 during the course of your purchase
  • Lintil finds and engages all the professional services you need to secure your new home
  • Save over €2,000 during the course of your purchase
  • Support through each step of your home-buying journey
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  • Set up call
  • Home-buying playbook
  • Savings account instructions
  • Help-to-Buy assistance
  • Tax Rebate assistance
  • Shared Equity scheme assistance
  • Monthly property report
  • Property viewing checklist


  • Virtual home-viewing assistance
  • Dos and Don’ts assistance
  • Property Viewing Checklist
  • Bidding email templates
  • Negotiation tips
  • Keyword explanation
  • Mortgage provider selection assistance
  • Solicitor selection assistance


  • Surveyor selection assistance
  • Storage selection assistance
  • Mortgage protection provider selection assistance
  • Home insurance provider selection assistance
  • Alarm provider selection assistance
  • Moving company assistance
  • Utilities switcher assistance


What happy home-buyers say about us


Lintil were amazing. As this was our first time buying, one of the agents suggested we use Lintil to help us get through the process. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. The guys at lintil were super helpful, considerate and professional. I would highly recommend.


I would give the service a 10/10. Buying a house can be very daunting and when someone mentioned Lintil I was happy there was someone to help. Both my husband and I were delighted with the service.


As someone buying a first home on their own, I'm really appreciative of the support provided by lintil. Having someone available to give unbiased insight into each stage is really valuable. I've always felt welcome to ring or contact via email with any query, big or small, and have found the advice to be knowledgeable, genuine and really helpful. Having somewhere explaining each step of the process is a great resource and whenever I've had something pop up that I can't find an answer to online, you've been my first choice to contact to explain the situation in lay terms! I have no negative or constructive criticism to provide yet, it's been all positive!