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We are often asked where our name came from. Well it's based on a lintel or lintol which is a type of beam that spans openings such as portals, doors, windows and supports what's above. Here at lintil we like to think we support the home-buyer as they progress through their home-buying journey.

We started the business to tackle the problem of buying homes in Ireland. We quickly had a lot of interest from overseas and we are now available in the UK and soon to be the rest of the world.

Here at lintil we build tools that help home-buyers get through the expensive slow and complex home-buying process. What we have learned is that most people go into the home-buying process with little or no experience. We ensure when our users buy their home they save as much money and time as possible when doing it.

We offer a range of services and tools to home-buyers, we offer virtual home-buying assistance, home-check reports, recommendations on services, discounts, advice, home-buying classes and many more. We also run the largest home-buying group in Ireland on facebook.

The business started in 2017 when a property lawyer, technologist, operations expert and a tech entrepreneur got together to discuss how tech could make the process better. The team has grown steadily over the years and we now service 30,000 customers in Ireland and the UK. We have now gotten support from the Irish Government and a range of high profile investors.

Lintil serves anyone looking to buy a home, either their first or their 50th. We also service some of the largest named brands in the property market through our commercial services.

Lintil’s mission has always been to modernise property transactions through transparency and support. To help homebuyers with connections and information. To ensure a smooth, stress free home-buying journey by using the most uptodate technology.

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