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Things to Check before Buying your Home

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You have found the home of your dreams, you are already decorating the rooms and planning where your furniture might go. Just before you sign those papers, there are a few small things you may need to check whether buying a brand new house, a listed historic building or a 15 year old house.

Be sure to check out the roof on older properties as missing or broken tiles can cause a considerable amount of damage.

1 - Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common issues when buying a property, in particular, a second hand property. Sometimes water damage can go unnoticed or is even painted over which can sometimes result in black mould forming. Be sure to check out the roof on older properties as missing or broken tiles can cause a considerable amount of damage. This also applies to areas around sinks and toilets also, so be sure to check these areas.

2 - Appliances

First of all, check what appliances are actually being left in the property. If they are not listed in the description, they may not even come with the property or this may be an area you wish to negotiate. Regarding new homes, appliances are not always included. However, there are cases in which they are if you sign and pay a deposit within a specified amount of time. Just be clear you know what is included.

3 - Drainage

Another thing to watch out for is drainage. First, you should check that the outside drains are clear, the gutters are in good condition and crucially that they drain away from the foundations of the property. You should also check under sinks for any signs of leaks or that the sink itself is draining properly. There can be a few problems with some new builds regarding drainage that can be easily fixed so make sure to get a proper snag list in place.

4 - Doors and Windows

The last thing you want to find out during the height of winter is that doors or windows do not close properly. Try and check these when buying a house so you have no unexpected surprises when the bad weather sets in.

5 - Electrics

Although not always possible, try to take a look at the electric panel, this may give an indication of the electrics or wiring in the house and if there are any obvious issues. Of course, if you have any concerns, always get a professional to check it. It is especially important that you check electrics and wiring in older properties as some may not have been updated in a long time or at all.