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City vs Country Living

Tags: city living, country living, lifestyle

Town versus country, an age old question which divides the country but also many counties. Both locations have their clear advantages and disadvantages but which is right for you?

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Unveiling the Art of the Auction

Tags: auction, negotiating

When buying a house, not many of us venture into the unknown process of auctions. We have all heard they are fast paced, adrenaline inducing and once the hammer falls there is no return.

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Mortgage Protection. A Quick Guide by Lintil

Tags: mortgage protection, insurance, life insurance

The easiest explanation is that mortgage protection is a form of life insurance that compensates your mortgage lender in the event of your death. Not the nicest thought but necessary to consider! Even if you're not around, this policy makes sure your repayments are still met and that your mortgage gets paid off.

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Starting the Home-Buying Journey? Lintil’s Eight Step Guide

Tags: mortgage, how to, insurance, negotiating

This step is the one where you get your ducks in a row. Figure out the cost of houses in the areas you would like to live in. Ascertain how much you will need to save for a deposit, remember first time buyers only need to save 10% of the value of the mortgage they require. Everyone else needs to save 20%.

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The Saving Fundamentals. How To Save For Your Deposit

Tags: saving, mortgage, goals, debts

Saving the deposit for your next home can seem especially daunting at the start. Where do you begin and how do you cut back? Even the smallest savings can go a long way. We have compiled some tips when saving your deposit, so that mountain is a bit easier to climb.

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