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How Lintil selects our service providers

Our selection criteria and due diligence measures a number of key areas that are important to our users. Here are some factors we take into account.

  • Fees
  • Service offering
  • Value for money
  • Customer Service
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Licences and memberships with governing bodies
  • Responsiveness
  • Sales process
  • Years in business
  • Independence
  • Size of team
  • Awards and acknowledgements

Our Services

The People You Need

They advise you on how to prepare your bank account for an application. How much you can afford and borrow. How to avoid common mistakes during the application process. They will put your application together for you. Brokers have the expertise to ensure your applications are completed quickly and accurately.

The legal part of the sale is the most important part of the home buying process. With so much at stake a highly specialised property solicitor is a must. Having a responsive solicitor reduces your stress. You will need to be updated regularly as the transaction progress so you can plan for moving day. We'd be happy to recommend one of our Property Solicitors when the time is right.

Unless you are a cash buyer you need this type of insurance. MPI protects your property from repossession. If you or your co-buyer on the mortgage die then the mortgage is swiftly paid back in full by this insurance policy. Commonly your bank will try to sell you this policy but it's not always the best value.

This may be the biggest purchase you've ever made. Without expertise in construction methods and materials, you are taking a huge risk if you do not have the property surveyed. A survey is recommended for all property types but especially for older properties, properties in poor condition, protected structures and properties with extensions or attic conversions.

It protects you if your property gets damaged. You are covered in case of fire, flood or other damage to the property. You can add to your policy to increase your protection. Pay particular attention to valuables kept in your home like laptops or jewellery.

This makes your move so much easier. When you are moving home and need a place to store your non-essential stuff. They offer 7 days access to your storage unit so you can get access to your belongs whenever you need them.

It just makes your move easier - no packing, no lifting boxes, no renting a van, no hassle. All your fragile items will be packed and wrapped carefully. Moving beds, wardrobes, sofas or other bulky items can be difficult, but not for a professional mover!

Statistics show that you are 8.5 times less likely to have a break-in if you have a monitored alarm. Having a monitored alarm will reduce your home insurance premium. Home alarms are now smart with lots more advanced features connected to your phone. So you can spy on your dog when your at work!

This is one of the biggest deals most people will ever make. It pays to have it done by a professional. You are negotiating with a professional, (the estate agent) so if you are an inexperienced negotiator then you will be at a disadvantage. A professional negotiator removes the emotional aspect from the deal, allowing more objective decisions to be made.

Our partner will switch over all your utilities for free. The utility companies pay them so you don't have to! You don't have to ring the energy or internet or waste or tv companies so no listening to hold music!


What happy home-buyers say about us


Lintil were amazing. As this was our first time buying, one of the agents suggested we use Lintil to help us get through the process. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. The guys at lintil were super helpful, considerate and professional. I would highly recommend.


I would give the service a 10/10. Buying a house can be very daunting and when someone mentioned Lintil I was happy there was someone to help. Both my husband and I were delighted with the service.


As someone buying a first home on their own, I'm really appreciative of the support provided by lintil. Having someone available to give unbiased insight into each stage is really valuable. I've always felt welcome to ring or contact via email with any query, big or small, and have found the advice to be knowledgeable, genuine and really helpful. Having somewhere explaining each step of the process is a great resource and whenever I've had something pop up that I can't find an answer to online, you've been my first choice to contact to explain the situation in lay terms! I have no negative or constructive criticism to provide yet, it's been all positive!